DHQ provides an easy and secure way to communicate critical information

  • NO MORE communication gaps!
  • Share information within and between Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Highly secure
  • Easy to use
  • Cloud-based Solution
  • Quickly SHARE critical safety information

Enter the 21st Century of Law Enforcement Communication

Regionally deployed resources can now have TWO-WAY information sharing, synchronized across multiple agencies

  • Streamline internal and external dissemination of critical information
  • Quickly post or update information to assist in suspect apprehension
  • Distribute photos, video, or documents via the app
  • Reduce/eliminate improper identifications

Used by other high-performing police departments in the US including:

“DHQ helps us deliver enhanced services to our community and staff. Recently, during a Maine Municipal Risks Pool review of our records, I used DHQ to provide documentation for much of what was asked for. The reviewer complemented DHQ and how we were using it.”

“I first met Jim at a trade show in 2017. I told him he would never be able to help us with scheduling because of how unique our department rotates—on a 98-day rotating schedule. I saw him one year later at the same trade show, and he approached me with the solution. The scheduling solution has moved us from a paper system to a digital format that can be viewed and accessed by all personnel.  We have been a happy customer of DHQ ever since.”  

“I would highly recommend DHQ to my peers. After several months of using the program, I honestly do not know how we operated without it.”

“Digital HeadQuarters has taken our agency to the cutting edge of information sharing. It is a system that places vital department communications at every officer’s fingertips, addressing needs I never imagined possible.”

“It would be hard to imagine our Department without DHQ.”