Delphi’s DHQ News

Melrose MA Police Department is the newest DHQ Details customer! 

 October 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Melrose Police Department has officially gone live with DHQ Details! They no longer need to rely on an outdated time-consuming way of signing up and assigning Details for their PD. All their rules, hours, seniority, and other essential information has been built into DHQ and will make the process much easier and alleviate headaches within the organization. Officers will be able to sign up for Details quickly and seamlessly through the DHQ mobile app! Thank you, Chief Faller, and Melrose PD, for entrusting DHQ for this important initiative! 


Nottingham NH Police Department is the newest member of the DHQ Family! 

 August 2023

We are excited to announce that Nottingham NH chose DHQ to bolster technology for their police department! They are excited to implement DHQ’s Scheduling module, Digital Roll Call, Cruiser Inspection among many others! All their officers will be able to utilize the DHQ mobile app for many operational and administrative tasks. Welcome aboard Nottingham PD! 


Don’t Miss This Event on April 12th, 2023!

Delphi will showcase DHQ 5.0 at booth 914/916!

Delphi Technology solutions is pleased to be a bronze sponsor of MCOPA for a 4th consecutive year. Delphi will also have our expert system administrators on hand to talk about our Network Services.


Penobscot County DHQ 5.0 Training

02/27/2023 & 02/28/2023

Delphi Technology Solutions had the privilege of providing an in-person training session for some of our newest DHQ 5.0 customers in Penobscot County ME. This event was held at the Ferris Community Center in Brewer, ME and in attendance were officers and command staff from Brewer, Bangor, Veazie, Lincoln, Hampden, Newport, Old Town, and the Penobscot County Sheriff’s department.

We received great feedback, and they are excited to use DHQ 5.0!

The modules’ they’re most excited for are Scheduling & Calendar, Digital Roll Call, and Policy Signoffs.

Quotes from the training group:

“I’m excited to implement as much of the functionality of DHQ as possible into our daily operations.”

“It will streamline communications.”

“Fixes problems quickly.”

“I like the ability to remove/customize programs.”

“There are several items that small departments can use.”

“User friendly.”


Two additional features added to DHQ 5.0’s Standard Operations package in 2023!

January 2023

The “Trespass” and “Tow Log” modules are the newest updates to DHQ 5.0’s standard operations package!

“Trespass” enables our customers to document individuals who are not permitted to be at a particular address. It keeps record of all pertinent information including the offenders name, address, and date of birth, as well as the effective date of notice and the person who issued it. Officers can add pictures and other documents to the file, along with any other information they deem fit.

With the new “Tow Log” feature, our customers now have an easy way to centralize and digitally manage their Tow Log’s activity, which is key word/number searchable. There are sections to record the date, Plate/VIN number’s, State, Year-Make-Model, Tow Company, Officer, Cruiser, Location, Tow Reason, as well as additional comments.


DHQ 2022 User Group Conference


Delphi Technology Solutions Inc. hosted the annual DHQ User Group Conference at “Salvatore’s Event & Conference Center” 354 Merrimack Street, Lawrence MA. It was a successful event with great food and dialogue between current DHQ customers. President and CEO Jim Trombly discussed new DHQ 5.0 features and provided training on those modules, as well as Q & A and additional education on some of our more intricate modules including Scheduling and Details. Several customers had the opportunity to get on the microphone and advocate for DHQ 5.0 and provide insight on which features their department uses daily and how it’s improved efficiency. It’s always great to get our customers together to share how each of them use DHQ differently because every police department functions uniquely, but share similar headaches that DHQ aims to relieve. Thank you to all our fantastic customers! We greatly appreciate your hard work and dedication, and being proud members of the DHQ Family!


A warm welcome to the newest DHQ 5.0 customers – Penobscot County Maine!


We are excited to announce that Penobscot County ME joined the DHQ Family! The police departments include Brewer, Bangor, Veazie, Lincoln, Hampden, Newport, Old Town, Dexter, Holden, E. Millinocket, Orono, University of Maine Orono, ME State Police Troop E, and the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office. Welcome aboard Penobscot County, Maine!


DHQ 5.0 introduces Quartermaster!

November 2022

The “Quartermaster” module is the latest addition to DHQ 5.0’s Administrative Add-Ons! This is a tool to track equipment inventory.  Our customers can create and assign all types of equipment to officers or divisions; create storage locations, maintenance, or expiration dates for individual items. This gives our customers the ability to always know where their equipment inventory is and to whom it has been issued.


Salem, NH Police Department chooses DHQ 5.0 for Operations!


We are delighted to report that Salem, NH Police Department has joined the DHQ Family! They are excited to begin using Digital Roll Call and Area Wide Alerts sharing critical information with surrounding departments in NH and over the boarder in MA! Welcome aboard Salem, New Hampshire PD!


Plainville, MA joins the DHQ Family!


We are pleased to announce that Plainville, MA Police Department is the newest law enforcement agency to deploy DHQ 5.0! They are excited to begin using Digital Roll Call, Crime Bulletins and employ Scheduling so their officers can manage shifts, see what they’ve accrued for vacation/sick time, and request time off on any device. Welcome aboard Plainville, Massachusetts PD!


Atkinson, NH Police Department is the newest DHQ 5.0 customer!


We are happy to report that Atkinson, MA Police Department has joined the DHQ Family! They are excited to implement the Scheduling system their officers can access through the mobile app, as well as utilizing the Area Wide Alert Roll Call to share and receive critical information from neighboring PDs in MA and NH! Welcome aboard Atkinson, New Hampshire PD!



LAWRENCE, MA – September 2, 2021

Delphi is pleased to announce it will host a booth at the 2021 annual NEACOP Conference being held in Meredith, NH on October 3-6. At this event, Delphi will share a preview of its 2021 release of the Digital HeadQuarters 5.0 software application in the cloud.

Digital HeadQuarters was designed BY officers FOR officers in 2004. DHQ is now used daily by more than 70 New England area law enforcement agencies. DHQ was developed to fill communication gaps within existing law enforcement technologies.

The DHQ communications platform provides secure 2-way sharing of critical information within and between law enforcement departments.

The Delphi team is thrilled to share information about this latest version of the DHQ software – DHQ 5.0 in the cloud – with the New England Association of Chiefs of Police. Designed for the modern age of policing, DHQ 5.0 includes Digital Roll Call, Area Wide Alerts, SafeWatch, Crime Bulletins, and more, which can be accessed by any iPad, laptop, or cell phone device.

The benefits of this information sharing cannot be overstated, allowing departments to exchange critical information like never before, further advancing their work in solving crimes, capturing fugitives, and locating missing persons. The result is an enhanced ability to provide security in our local communities.  – Delphi Solutions, President/CEO, James Trombly

To learn more about the latest DHQ 5.0 application, please contact us at 866-774-7500.


Cloud-based DHQ 5.0 and Mobile App has launched!


Now DHQ is in the Cloud! Our customers don’t need to utilize their own servers or any local infrastructure. DHQ 5.0 is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, which meets the FBI standard for data encryption and security. Our DHQ 5.0 Mobile App is designed for both iOS and Android platforms. All information entered into DHQ 5.0 resides only in the Cloud, and never on the device. Being in the Cloud allows our customers to share critical information amongst each other easily, promoting interoperability between police departments and other agencies. This gives all our current customers in neighboring cities the ability to work smarter and instantly share pictures, videos, and PDFs while a crime is in progress.

DHQ 5.0 Features:

  • Digital Roll Call
  • Local/Area Wide Alerts
  • Roll Call Image Montage
  • Crime Bulletins
  • Cruiser Inspection
  • Safe Watch
  • FIO
  • Scheduling
  • Details
  • Training
  • Policy Sign-Off
  • Master Calendar
  • Court Calendar
  • Fleet
  • Vice/Gang Unit


Salisbury, MA Police Department chooses DHQ!


We are excited to announce that Salisbury, MA Police Department has joined the DHQ Family! They are looking forward to using the Calendar and Schedule, Cruiser Checklist, and Policies and Procedures among other features that DHQ has to offer. Welcome aboard Salisbury, Massachusetts PD!


Burlington, MA Police Department joins the DHQ Family!


We are pleased to announce that Burlington, MA Police Department is the newest law enforcement agency to acquire DHQ! Burlington PD first contracted Delphi Technology Solutions as their IT Network partner, and quickly learned of the benefits of using DHQ for their operations. They are excited to use Digital Roll Call and Crime Analysis as well as many other DHQ features. Welcome aboard Burlington, Massachusetts PD!


Lynnfield, MA Police Department chooses DHQ!


We are delighted to report that Lynnfield, MA Police Department has implemented DHQ for their operations! They are eager to start using Digital Roll call as well as several other operational features DHQ has to offer. They are also interested in exploring other DHQ Administrative features in the future including Scheduling and Training. Welcome aboard Lynnfield, Massachusetts PD!



Lawrence, MA – APRIL 16, 2019

Delphi Technology Solutions Inc. served as a bronze sponsor for the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association’s (MCOPA) annual trade show earlier this month.

On Wednesday, April 3, Delphi Technology Solutions hosted a booth at the annual event, which was held at the Royal Plaza Trade Center in Marlborough.

It was the 10th year Delphi Technology Solutions has held a booth at the event.

The trade show connects police departments throughout Massachusetts to various companies and services aimed at facilitating and supporting police work.

“It is always a great pleasure to see all of our customers at this event, and an exciting way to offer Delphi Technology Solutions’ services to departments that may not know all of what we do,” said Delphi Vice President Karin Rhoton. “Delphi‘s years of growth with our Digital Headquarters software product are attributed to word-of-mouth among our customers. At the MCOPA event, we enjoy watching our customers interact with each other as we offer on-the-spot demonstrations and answer customer questions.”

Delphi Technology Solutions was a bronze sponsor of this year’s trade show and donated an additional $1,500 to the MCOPA to support the event and the great work of the police chiefs association.


Delphi Technology Solutions Sponsors North Andover Middle School at Fenway

BOSTON, MA – June 28, 2018

Delphi Technology Solutions, Inc. of Lawrence, MA is proud to sponsor North Andover Middle School singing the National Anthem at Fenway Park for the Boston Red Sox game against the Los Angeles Angels on Thursday, June 28th.  The North Andover Middle School Parent Teacher Advisory Council (NAMS PTAC) raises funds for the school in many creative ways. Through a special sale of a block of grandstand tickets at Fenway Park, NAMS PTAC is raising school funds while also giving selected students the opportunity to sing our nation’s anthem at the ball game. 

After an auditions process, sixty North Andover Middle School students were selected to represent their school singing the National Anthem. Delphi Technology Solutions, Inc. proudly sponsored the funding for the t-shirts that the students wore for the event.

“I view singing the national anthem at Fenway as a tribute to our veterans who have served as well as an opportunity to help my school out in any way that I can with my vocal talents,”  says Kaleb Rhoton, a student of North Andover Middle School selected to represent the school and sing our anthem.

“Supporting our local schools and programs for children is one of my favorite ways to give back to our local communities. It is rewarding to be able to help a student experience their goals and dreams while simultaneously investing in America’s future,” says President and CEO of Delphi Technology solutions, James Trombly.

Delphi Technology Solutions, Inc. provides software and network solutions to public safety entities, including its Digital HeadQuarters (DHQ) software application – designed BY officers FOR officers to improve communication between law enforcement agencies.

Delphi Technology Solutions, Inc. is proud to support this program.


Gorham, ME Police Department has become DHQ’s newest customer!


We are pleased to announce that Gorham, ME Police Department has joined the DHQ Family! Deputy Chief Nault is excited to move away from using paper for daily operations and administrative needs such as Training and Tracking, Digital Roll Call, and especially utilizing DHQ’s Scheduling system. We’re also working with them to digitize their Response to Resistance form. Welcome aboard Gorham, Maine PD


Hancock County Sheriff’s Office, ME has adopted DHQ!


We are excited to report that Hancock County Sheriff’s Office, ME is the newest law enforcement agency to acquire DHQ! They are looking forward to using Digital Roll Call, Crime Bulletins, Scheduling and Training as well as many other features DHQ has to offer. They are excited about the customization DHQ provides to manage their Cruiser Deployment Schedule for surrounding communities. Welcome aboard, Hancock Sheriff’s Office!